Contriction and Expansion. The Cupboards, © Museum Hameln

Constriction and Expansion

The dynamic input in political and social life comes from the ranks of the middle class. Values like achievement and polite manners are important. A “cultivated” life-style becomes attractive, as it results in the chance to climb up the social ladder. Commoners are excluded. Education and training are keys to a successful career. Participation in political decisions doesn’t come automatically. They have to fight for this right.  

The associations become the backbone of society. The rulers eye these with great suspicion. The mere fact that social or political rank doesn’t matter, makes it a highly political issue.  

A good example of a typical citizen of the time is F.G.F. Schläger. He believes it is possible to create changes in Hameln through his knowledge, ideas and personal involvement. F.W. Meyer is an example of a successful citizen. He is a self-made man, a successful businessman. His political activities go beyond local borders.