Mein Name ist Hase

On the trail of idioms

Sayings, idioms and dictums are the salt in the soup of any language. They spice up every speech, they convince the audience, they amuse, illustrate, motivate, calm down, build up trust, annoy, advertise, are supposed to prove level of education and yet often pose a puzzle: standing idioms, whether proverbs, idioms, dictums. Or did you know why you put someone in the picture, what someone can read between the lines or why is something bugging you? Each of us uses an average of a hundred phrases a day! And yet we often have no clue of their historical background. Who knows why we buy a pig in a poke? Be flabbergasted and see the light in this fun interactive and thought-provoking exhibition for the whole family.

 Due to the nature of the exhibition, all texts are in German.

An exhibition by the Museum for Communication Nürnberg – a museum of the Museum Foundation Post and Communication

Let us be a part of your visit

Show us your favourite phrase. What are the most common sayings in your country and what do they mean? Do you know of any German saying that has a completely different meaning in your language? Take a photo at our photostation or stand at the pillory

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A look into the exhibition, ©Museum Hameln